"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
V. Hugo


Weekly sessions
Gestalt therapy is usually taking place in weekly or two weekly sessions of one hour. This is the time you have for yourself and only yourself. The therapist is accompanying you in the exploration of your experiences in a way that allows to gain awareness about your real motives, fears and seemingly inconsistent behaviours. To each session you bring your themes that you feel are relevant for you in the present moment. There is no way doing well or not so well in your therapy, you advance at your pace and the therapist adapts to you, not vice versa. 
Personal process
How long should the therapy last? It can be anything between six months and three years, or longer in case you feel the necessity to continue. This will always depend on the issues that you are tackling and on your personal feeling that you are ready to go on with your life on your own. It will also depend on whether you are undergoing a personal process or whether your work consists of solving one isolated issue. 
Online or offline?
Having experience with online Gestalt therapy sessions I am confident that this way of establishing the contact between therapist and client is leading to the same results as the normal way of meeting in a consultancy room. Aside the occasional issues with connectivity and line disturbances the therapy takes place just like the offline therapy. The advantages are its flexibility and lower cost overall because you save the time and money of the transport and parking. The disadvantages are its dependency on good wifi signal and the requirement of your own space free of any kind of disturbances for the duration of the session. 
Preparation for your online session
How to prepare for an online therapy session so as to take the maximal advantage from each hour? Foremost, make sure nobody enters the room while the session is on. You should be by yourself and feel perfectly safe at your chosen space. Prepare a glass of water, tissues, a notebook and a functioning ballpoint pen or pencil. Although it’s usually not necessary, you may want to take notes. Put on comfortable clothes and go to the bathroom beforehand. Be ready few minutes in advance so that you have a moment to wind down and concentrate on yourself.